Elmore Correctional Facility sees yet another stabbing.

October 30,2016

     Yesterday it was reported that another fight broke out in one of the dorms inside Elmore Correctional Facility, located in Elmore, Alabama. This incident took place around 3:00 p.m.. When contacted the ADOC officials declined to comment or release any information on the subject.

       However, it was reported that the injuries sustained were not life threatening and the inmate injured was treated at a neighboring facility infirmary.

       Unheard Voices’ founder , (an inmate that goes by the name),Swift Justice has spoken on the fact that Elmore Correctional Facility has no institutional infirmary nor any form of medical personnel on the grounds of the institution making it just that more dangerous for the inmates housed at this facility. 

        Swift Justice stated,”With the violence rate and statistics of a high rate of murders you’d think ADOC would assure there’d be some sort of medical response team at Elmore. But the fact is there’s not. The sad reality is it’s already a very dangerous prison, but the fact there’s no medical unit or medical personnel makes it even that much more dangerous.”

     Nonetheless Elmore and other facilities like Holman, St.Clair, and W.E.Donaldson are not on the decline in reports of violence even though the Department of Justice has declared an investigation on these very issues. It seems that the ADOC officials have absolutely no answer to solve these problems. And are not attempting to report these incidents to the main stream media. 



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