Will the Department of Justice continue their trend in not prosecuting governmental crooks?

 November 1,2016

     Over the past few years we have noticed an alarming rate of criminal activity occurring among our governmental entities, and a failure of justice served at the hands of our regional district and national Department‘s of Justice.

   Numerous out right refusals to prosecute criminal politicians, and governmental entities by the DOJ have flooded our media.

     A perfect example haunts Alabama when the Department of Justice investigated Alabama’s only women’s prison (Tutwiler) for numerous allegations of sexual assaults on female inmates by male and female correctional officers.

     The DOJ conducted an investigation and found the allegations to have merit, but failed to prosecute the first offender.

    The million dollar question today is whether or not the newly announced investigation in relations to the prisons in Alabama will result in the same actions, in essence allowing the offenses of the past to be labeled but nonetheless swept under the rug but remain unpunished?

     These actions fail to allow a trend to be broken and accountability to be issued. The trend of our Department of Justice must be broken and we as the people must demand justice even within our governmental entities. Otherwise “for the people, by the people”, is meaningless.

      It’s time we take back our government!


         Swift Justice


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