Elmore Correctional Facility allows facilitates another serious stabbing.

November 1,2016

Just moments ago in Elmore Correctional Facility, which has been nicknamed “baby Holman”, another inmate was reported to be seriously stabbed, and rushed by ambulance to an outside hospital for emergency care.

Inside sources report that inmate Norris Weiss ,(name of inmates have not yet been confirmed), was stabbed multiple times by another inmate. This is the second stabbing that has occurred within four days at this facility, and one of many in the past few years.

Elmore Correctional Facility, has been in the media often in the past few years, particularly for it’s multiple murders at this alleged “medium”security facility.

From the looks of things the name “Baby Holman”, is fitting and may soon become the next “slaughter house of the South”.


Published at 8:09pm


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