“The Queen Team”

(Above right Queen Dara; bottom left Queen Nikki, bottom center Queen Kamaria, bottom right Queen Nyesha.)

November 2,2016

    Today UNHEARD VOICES O.T.C.J, as well as THE FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT gives the newly founded “Queen Team”a very special salute for the contributions invested in supporting the men and women inside the Alabama prison system.

     The truth about this powerful group of women is simple. They are driven by the injustices of the system. Not only the injustices of the penal system of Alabama but those that have engulfed our youth. 

    The meaning behind the group is not so simple, matter of fact it is anything but simple.



    E-Empowerment and,

   E-Equality for

   N-Natural rights.

       Meaning this elite group of women have joined together to change any and every injustice that crosses the path of any and every human, despite race, gender, age, or situation.

     Without these Queens, THE FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT, as well as UNHEARD VOICES O.T.C.J, would not have accomplished clearing the many hurdles they have over the past few years.
     On behalf of all men and women incarcerated in the Alabama concrete jungle…….Queens,we salute you, and hope your team prospers and grows like no other. We are well aware that unity among a group of strong women is a force to be respected!

                   Thank you!

     Unheard Voices O.T.C.J.


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