Holman Correctional Facility flows in blood once again.

November 9,2016

      Today there have been reports of more violence at the nation’s notorious “slaughter house of the South”, in Atmore, Alabama.

    The past few months there have been numerous incidents involving the men housed and working at Holman Correctional Facility. These incidents have involved multiple stabbings, and assaults, one in particular the death of officer Kenneth Bettis.

     Today’s incident however was unprovoked and has been unreported by the Alabama Department of Corrections, and seems to be a retaliatory act by ADOC.

 Early this morning the Alabama Department of Corrections sent in CERT team members while inmates slept, with the mission to assault targeted individuals inside one of Holman dormitories.

   It’s been reported by a source at Holman Correctional Facility that approximately 20 inmates were assaulted by ADOC’S elite riot police.

   These inmates sustained  various injuries from broken bones and abrasions. 

    Again UNHEARD VOICES O.T.C.J.founder “Swift Justice”, has commented to today’s incident stating,”This is not an unexpected move. Time has passed since officer Bettis died, but officers itch to get retribution. Then on top of that ADOC , and I know I’m repeating myself but, ADOC is intentionally creating situations in order to petition for the $800 million dollars to build prisons as an answer  to the overcrowding, and conditions. Sadly this isn’t the answer, but we know it’s about money not reformation .”

     Who can say what actually happens and why at this slaughter house in Atmore, Alabama if we have no-one trustworthy to oversee one of the nation’s most dangerous prisons?

          UNHEARD VOICES/The Free Alabama Movement


17 thoughts on “Holman Correctional Facility flows in blood once again.

  1. just some guy says:

    Given that overcrowding is an issue in the state, that’s a known fact. And yes certain inmates in my opinion do deserve some type of retribution for the things they have done but not in this manner. But this is no way to make a statement to help pass the 800 million dollar bill needed for new prisons. If the state would just open up its eyes and realize that non- violent cases such as drug charges should not mean automatic prison time then we could reduce the overcrowding and the inhumane living conditions and working conditions for both inmates and officers. but the fact that these actions went unreported only show that the system is full of corrupt and untrustworthy individuals. A change for this issue has to begin from within… a hundred new officers, new prisons, new this and that is not gonna help this situation unless an actual change occurs in leadership roles. I realize that everyone in different and everyone has their own outlook on these current situations but never the less, something has to change and assaulting inmates in a unannounced fashion is not the anwser.


      1. just some guy says:

        Well, take the sgt. That was just terminates for failure to report incidents and stealing overtime at elmore correctional facility for instance, or the fact that none of these issues were ever addressed until the ADOC was informed about the department of justice opening up an investigation in the prison systems, or the fact that many officers troughout the state haven’t even had the proper equipment to protect themselves up until recently…what about the fact that Alabama has the most overcrowed, poorly staffed and horribly managed prison system in the entire United states, not to mention the lowest paying wages in the U.S for officers and personel…..my point being, these people that claim to log their jobs and actually care about their officers and safety and strive on making sure inmates are provided security as well as safety realistically only care about making theirselves look good and only when it’s absolutely nessecary. And as far as the judicial system, Alabama has some of the harshes punishments for crimes, violent and nonviloent. And they claim to want to crack down on crime and make a statement but in reality they have only caused problems after problems. Mainly overcrowding and understaffing and not actually willing to put money in the budget to make any necessary renovations to get these facilities back in a humane conditions….you have commisoners and leaders that have never had any experience in running and managing prison systems and the only reason they are in these positions is because of the people that know rather than the experience they have….it’s honestly a disgrace.

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  2. just some guy says:

    Statics day that 78 percent of inmates released will return within the first 2-3 years after being released, and that number is on a constant rise and that’s mainly due to the fact that these “rehabilitative” programs are ran by uneducated individuals or just simply ran by other inmates. People have confused the fact that prison is meant to rehabilitate a human in order to make him a fuctioning member of society once again and not to actually continue to punish a person for their crimes they have committed. So people come into a correctional facility in order to better themselves and learn from their mistakes and the reality is, these people leave prison worse than what they were before entering the system. There’s no structure to rehabilitate a person, everyone is just so quick to write a person off as a lost hope and doesn’t even care to try and change a person. And in return they have to deal with these people on more than one occasion before the fact is, that person will get out, and has only perfected his/her skill while in prison and leaves thinking they just won’t get caught this time only to last a short lived time in the “free world” before repeating the process all over again.

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  3. just some guy says:

    Very very few. Some such as SAP which is substance abuse program which only consist of a short class everyday and drug test with are ineffective because the system is full synthetic drugs that won’t even show up and are even more addictive than the real thing. Other than that, the only things offered is things like trade school, access to chapel service, and little to no paying jobs. Which then again, many of these classes and programs are extremely unstructured and are often times lead by other inmates and usually only last between 30 minutes to a hour at most. And only a select few are actually mandatory to attend.

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      1. just some guy says:

        Completely true. Many times the “instructor” will just unlock a movie drawer and allow inmates to pick movies to watch troughout the day so that these “instructors” don’t have to waste time “teaching someone who’s not gonna change” and would rather spend time printing off fake completion certificates and surfing the web and mingling in Facebook for 8-12 hours each day. Many people say “8 and hit the gate”. Meaning doing the bare minimum to get through the day and get home with no care or remorse to the inmates that truly want to change and better themselves.

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  4. just some guy says:

    Ummm, I can’t say for sure but I can say that if that’s the case I wouldn’t be in the least but surprised I mean seriously, if people are paying to have their store slips ran then I couldn’t see why the certificates would be any different.

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      1. just some guy says:

        Medical treatment? You mean being sent to a facility equivalent to a school’s nurse’s office and being treated as though everything you’re claiming is a lie and you’re just trying to either gain attention or are just seeking medication and when inmates are sent to a actual hospital for stab wounds or anything they get treated like complete shit with no pain medication or actual care. Just throwing a few staples or stitches in you and sending you out the door because the other patients are “complaining”….. the ADOC health care system is a complete joke, ran by complete idiots with no medical experience or education at all…

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      2. unheardvoicesotcj says:

        For instance….Respondent state inmate brought this civil rights action under 42 U.S.C. § 1983against petitioners, the state corrections department medical director (Gray) and two correctional officials, claiming that he was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment for inadequate treatment of a back injury assertedly sustained while he was engaged in prison work. The District Court dismissed the complaint for failure to state a claim upon which relief could be granted. The Court of Appeals held that the alleged insufficiency of the medical treatment required reinstatement of the complaint.

        Held: Deliberate indifference by prison personnel to a prisoner’s serious illness or injury constitutes cruel and unusual punishment contravening the Eighth Amendment. Here, however, respondent’s claims against Gray do not suggest such indifference, the allegations revealing that Gray and other medical personnel saw respondent on 17 occasions during a 3-month span and treated his injury and other problems. The failure to perform an X-ray or to use additional diagnostic techniques does not constitute cruel and unusual punishment, but is, at most, medical malpractice cognizable in the state courts. The question whether respondent has stated a constitutional claim against the other petitioners, the Director of the Department of Corrections and the warden of the prison, was not separately evaluated by the Court of Appeals, and should be considered on remand. Pp. 101-108.

        516 F.2d 937, reversed and remanded.


  5. just some guy says:

    They fall short in many aspects of the proper care and treatment of inmates and I’m very familiar with the laws that surround the ADOC when it comes to the rights and treatments that, are by law, required to be available for inmates in the state of alabama and I cant assure you from first hand experience that these laws mean nothing to the providers and medical staff within the ADOC, mainly due to the fact that these people believe they are untouchable and that no one even takes notice because it’s dealing with convicted felons and that no one really cares how inmates are actually treated and they have come to believe these ideas because of the many years of neglect and years of overlooking the unjustified treatment. they have come to believe that their acts are perfectly normal and completely acceptable. Despite the fact that the law states that inmates are entitled to complete and acceptable medical treatment with acceptable being a standard held by the state.

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    1. unheardvoicesotcj says:

      Ok with that said, is it safe to say that being they have customs of ignoring federal requirements as well as state requirements they have to cover themselves in order to make it look as if they aww in compliance….Will the ADOC cover up injustices and if so how, on both internal ADOC everyday things and medically?


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