CORIZON MEDICAL LLC. helping the Alabama Department of Corrections with the overcrowding issues?

 Joe Wells (an inmate in the care of ADOC at Elmore Correctional Facility)

    Today inmate Joe Wells was pronounced dead after attempting to receive emergency medical attention in regards of excruciating pains in his abdominal area. Wells reported to Elmore administrators of his condition the first time on November 9,2016. Elmore administrators sent Wells to the Staton health care unit located off site of Elmore Correctional Facility.
    ADOC contracts Corizon to administer medical care to the inmates housed in Alabama. However Corizon has a reputation for refusing inmates the proper care allotted and required by the United States Constitution 8th amendment. 
     Sources at Elmore Correctional Facility stated in reference to the death of Wells that the medical staff at Staton Health Care Unit (SCHU), refused to examine Wells’condition and told him to sign up for sick call. Sources also say that Wells was sent to the health care under the emergency exception by ADOC staff more than once in the past few days, and was refused to be examined.

      Today UNHEARD VOICES’founder Swift Justice gave a statement in relation to Corizon’s deliberate indifference in refusing medical treatment stating,”First you have to look at Corizon’s history, they have multiple lawsuits on them. I don’t mean three or four, I don’t mean three or four hundred. I mean thousands of lawsuits for this same thing. Corizon is in this for the money. They’re also a company that employs the bottom of the barrel medical staff that has been rejected in the mainstream medical field. These individuals are poorly qualified but yet have jobs providing medical care. Not only that but there are a lot of individuals employed with the prison medical care that plain out right despise men in prison, and this reflects on the type of care they give. I’m not saying all are that way, but I’m saying it exist.

     “You also have to take into mind that part of the reason ADOC signed contract with Corizon is because ADOC requires that the medical company contracted will provide a savings for ADOC in the cost of giving inmates medical care. Thus you have cut backs all the way around the board in relation to what these men and women get when they’re sick or injured. I know this , it has become the custom and policy for Corizon unless the inmate is literally bleeding to death, for the nurses to tell the inmate to sign up for sick call. Keep in mind, each time an inmate signs up for sick call he is charged a $4.00  copay. This is revenue for ADOC. Profit off the prisoner. So what that some die. After all the prisons are overcrowded and Corizon is helping them get it back to original capacity one man at a time?”

        Swift Justice also told us that he personally has a lawsuit against Corizon for denial /delay of medical treatment.

        It has been noted that numerous deaths have occurred at Elmore Correctional Facility due to the high rate of violence, but should be noted as well that a high rate of deaths have also occurred at Elmore Correctional Facility because there is no medical unit our staff on site at the institution. And now it shows that even if these men make it to the closest medical unit, their lives are still  at jeopardy ,because they will not receive the treatment they need unless they sign up for sick call ,and pay a $4.00 copay.

    Unheard Voices/The Free Alabama Movement


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