Myth or fact ,Holman Correctional Facility officers assaulting inmates?

   (Inmates from Holman Correctional Facility that were beaten by the CERT officers while asleep.) 

  On November 9,2016 it was reported that numerous inmates at Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama received multiple injuries from a sneak attack assault by the ADOC “CERT”. The CERT team members entered the institution early morning hours and commenced in assaulting inmates that were asleep. 

         It has been reported that many of theses inmates were immediately transferred from Holman to other facilities. However, Holman administration and ADOC’s commissioner’s office Jeffery Dunn deny that this incident occurred. 

      Today pictures of inmates at Holman Correctional Facility show injuries from this assault that allegedly never took place on November 9th, but give credence to the inmates claim.

        Once again it appears this will be a case of “he must of fell “. Which is no secret occurs quite often in Alabama’s prison system. The southern tradition of the slave master disciplining the rebellious slave runs deep in Alabama.

          Once again this is a perfect example of retaliation for the death of Officer Kenneth Bettis or it was an attempt to create yet another situation at Holman for Governor Robert Bentley to plead the tax payers ,to build more prisons. 

           Unheard Voices/The Free Alabama Movement


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