Corruption within the Alabama Department of Corrections .

  Elmore correctional facility . 

       Recent reports in relation to Ellmore correctional facility leaves Unheard Voices O. T. C. J.  Sounding an alarm . Elmore correctional facility is located near the heart of Alabama in the backwoods of Elmore County,Alabama. Elmore correctional facility opened in 1981 , and was originally built to hold 300 inmates , classified for minimum-security custody . ( minimum custody is commonly known as low-risk trustees).

        However, the Alabama Department of Corrections has been overloaded by the Alabama judicial system with an outrageous amount of men sentenced to prison . This resulting in near 200 percent overcapacity crisis that has been haunting Alabama for well over a decade . This crisis has forced the ADOC to make room for the inmates that are considered to be classified as medium security risk, in essence turning Elmore correctional facility into a medium security prison that was originally designed to house trustees . 

       Ever since the transformation Elmore has become a very familiar name in recent years due to the alarming rate of violence . Just this year Davieon Williams and Johnny Spears were murdered, following the death of William Shepard , who was murdered in February 2015 . The list of violence however does not stop there .


          Besides the alarming highe-rate of stabbings, (documented and undocumented),Elmore has a name for numerous accounts of officers assaulting inmates . In September 2015 a correctional Sergeant J . Cole was caught on video assaulting an inmate inside the Ellmore correctional facility team office . Recently ,  Sergeant T. King was terminated for allegedly forcing two inmates to assault one another, as well as failing to report incidents that occurred on her watch. King was also allegedly found to be documenting overtime hours that she had not actually worked.

            The corruption within Elmore correctional facility seems to run deep within its walls and seems to be gaining momentum regardless of the recent announcement that the Department of Justice is launching an investigation on the Alabama Department of Corrections . 

            ADOC has seemingly lost control of it’s prison in more ways than one . It seems that the ADOC’s administration should be scrutinized and is due to be placed under the microscope . 

             Recently sources have reported another death in Elmore claiming that inmate Joe Wells  died  after attempting to receive medical attention but was denied by Elmore Correctional Facility administration, and the medical staff at Staton Correctional Facility Healthcare Unit,(contracted to Corizon Medical LLC. ). Then on November 15, 2016 , inmate Quincy Jones # 255284 , was stabbed in the chest while the correctional officer  assigned to the dormitory watched and did nothing to prevent it . 

            More reports  from sources  with inside the Alabama Department of Corrections at Elmore shows officers  openly participate in extorting inmates in order to have inmate canteen items with inside the facility for their own personal gain.   One officer placed a hand written sign on a cubicle window stating to the inmates they would have to pay him “one item” in order to use a microwave placed in the inmates dormitory .


            The most important question now , with the corroborating evidence to collaborate with these alleged incidents is, just how much corruption has infiltrated our prison system over the years. For far too long the public has heard stories about the things that take place behind the fences of our many prisons in Alabama , but chalk it up as exaggerated “fairytales” created by inmates seeking sympathy . These “fairytales” have instead become a horrific nightmare  not only for the men in prison but the citizens who will eventually pay  for the things coming to light . 

         It appears to be a custom/policy, that ADOC officials do not do the jobs they been entrusted with . With the facts before the public today it appears the ADOC officials have come accustomed to keeping secrets that have actually taken place . The ” what happens in prison stays in prison ” long-standing motto appears now to be broken due to the exposure of these unimaginable acts . What is even more of a frightening thought  is how many incidents have occurred and going unreported and ignored that has caused the fatal deaths occurring in our prisons . 

         ADOC cannot deny that this custom has occurred and caused inmate Davieon Williams’ life to be prematurely extinguished . It’s a well-known fact that Williams had been in an altercation earlier that same day with the man who allegedly took his life . It is also a fact the ADOC officials did not separate these men and follow ADOC regulations, and standard operating procedures . 

           This cancer within the ADOC is not and cannot be expected to be isolated incidents . It is a widespread cancer eating away from the inside out. In the process this cancer is annihilating the lives the ADOC administration were sworn to protect . 

               This annihilation affects more individuals than just inmates. It effects the taxpayers as well . Alabama taxpayers are forking the bills of the ongoing litigation against the Alabama Department of Corrections , and spends millions of dollars annually on litigation that they very well are showing they are guilty of . This practice should be dealt with immediately in order to restore order with inside Alabama’s correctional environment .  



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