Covering corruption; extortion going ignored.

Thursday November 17,2016

       Tuesday evening sources at Elmore Correctional Facility reported that inmates were being extorted by an officer at the institution. Inmates at Elmore reported to the institution officials that the microwaves provided in order to cook canteen meals sold by the institution no longer functioned. These inmates had been reporting this to the ADOC admin for approximately 7 days, and the administration refused to provide new microwaves.


      (The thirteenth amendment allows slavery for incarcerated inmates.)


(Modern day slavery)

             ADOC provides inmates across Alabama with a variety of canteen and store products to be purchased. Inmates in ADOC having no right to be paid for their labor while incarcerated receive no income unless they are fortunate enough to receive money from family or friends.

         These items consist of perishable foods that require the use of microwaves, that are sold at a near 90% markup from retail value. The profits of these sales are supposedly used to purchase products such as microwaves for the inmates use. 

       Inmates that do purchase from ADOC’s racketeering scheme ,do so because they are fed meals they say are “unbearable to eat, unfit for human consumption , and fed a very small amount.”

 (Alabama prisons meal breakfast on the left, night meal on the right).

             Now the men are having to pay an extortion fee from officers in order to use microwaves that they in essence have paid for from purchasing the near 90% marked up products provided by ADOC. It was learned yesterday through a reliable ADOC employee source,that this issue was placed before the Elmore Correctional Facility administration,due to the fact the officer extorting inmates left his sign hanging on the inside of the dormitory cubical that only dorm officers have access to during shift change. (The officer guilty of said extortion was named as officer Scroggins).However,this source told UNHEARD VOICES O.T.C.J. that the shift commanders and higher officials failed to reprimand the officer involved. 

      This situation gives credence to the accusations that ADOC officials have a custom and policy in place that allows the ADOC employees free reign to abuse and mistreat the men they house in Alabama. How much more is allowed to take place that has yet to be exposed?

             In reality people outside the gates of Alabama’s corrupted institutions may say this is a trivial incident. However you couldn not be more wrong. What happens when individuals are allowed to cover up murders, sexual assaults, robberies, ect.behind these walls? Who says they have not thus far when the evidence suggest they have? 

        It’s time we the citizens of Alabama get concerned about our prison system. This problem is our problem, if we allow it we condone it!


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