Robert Earl Council a.k.a. Kinedik Justice

Free Robert Earl Friday”

      Today is dedicated like every Friday as a day to uplift a great friend of mine. Robert Earl Council is a man like so many others caught inside of our justice system. Robert Earl is dedicated his time and efforts in exposing a monstrous system that has preyed upon not only young men and women of color, but also a class of individuals that are preyed upon due to poverty. 
         Sometimes in life we come across individuals that  have a tendency to be able to move mountains with only words of knowledge , and also have the ability to move mountains with labor . I personally have had the opportunity to watch and join the labor that Robert Earl has so tentatively exerted over a few years . I have watched as he has taken the task to confront a huge injustice not only in our justice system but our countries way of thinking.He moved me!

         This is a task,a war,a struggle that more than Robert Earl Council should carry on his shoulders alone, and I know many have taken on that burden as well. My thanks and love to Robert Earl Council and those that have joined.
                  More soldiers wanted!

               .      “SWIFT JUSTICE”  .


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