Are we to expect more riots and violence in the months to come in Alabama’s prisons?

      Today rises the question if we are to expect more violence in our prisons across the state of Alabama . This question arises due to the past violence we have seen across Alabama in the past few years . And not only that but also the governor of  Alabama  , Robert Bentley prophesied that more riots are to come .

          It seems that due to the recent Presidential election, and focus on Donald Trump, the prison crises and issues have been placed on the back burner . This in itself raises concerns with prison activist and inmates within the prison walls in the state of Alabama .

            Recently we spoke with the founder of Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. , (Swift Justice),and asked him to give us his opinion on what things are like inside the walls of Alabama’s prisons today.He stated,”Things are quiet as far as here where I’m at, and from what I’m getting around the state ,other than the occasional fight which is going to happen. But you have to take into consideration the weather is cooler and the tempers are not as short with the inmates.” 

            We went on to ask Swift Justice about the Department of Justice investigation and if he has witnessed any evidence of this investigation. He stated,”I assume I’m not the only one who was optimistic in hearing that the DOJ was coming, and I’m sure I’m not the only one now that is getting pretty aggravated that we have seen nothing transpire. Mind you I know they are slow, but why would they drag their feet here? I have my opinion on why they are but it’s just that, my opinion.

        “However too answer your question ‘No’ I’ve seen nothing on the behalf of DOJ.”

         Swift Justice went on to say,”I’ll tell you this though, and I’m rarely wrong in calling this, but you can guarantee there will be more violence and even more serious riots here in Alabama soon,if the Department of Justice doesn’t speed up,especially with the conditions of these prisons, and shortage of officers. And I’m sad to say I almost welcome these things to come in order to get the public’s attention. But God knows I hope it don’t come to that, and I say that because I know that the ADOC, and Bentley want that violence just because they want to scare the public with the ‘they are animals’ speech , and they want that money. Make no mistake this is not about helping the inmate, or protecting the public, it’s about the almighty dollar.”

           With Swift Justice’s statement it gave weight to Governor Robert Bentley’s prophecy. But it also makes you think that Bentley and law makers are dragging their feet intentionally in hopes more violence occurs. 

Bentley’s proposed changes would be financed by an $800 million bond issue, which in reality will cost the tax payers $1.5 billion in the end.

Senator Cam Ward said he hopes the recent violence at Holman will illustrate for his statehouse colleagues just how dangerous Alabama’s prison system is.

“We’ve got to do better than this,” he said.

Even if the bond issue moves quickly through the statehouse, changes in the system will take time. Bentley’s office originally projected construction would begin in the fall of 2017 and could last three years. said leaders are being as “innovative” as possible to mitigate current problems, but they can’t rule out future problems before progress is made.

“Can we guarantee something like this will never happen again?” Bentley said. “No, we cannot guarantee that. Not as long as facilities are like this.”

Jamie Martin/Alabama Governor’s Office

Alabama’s prison.
    If we pay attention to the words of Bentley, Ward, and Dunn you hear the underlined threat that if you don’t give us what we want we can guarantee the system will not change.This is not positive leadership. Not once has these men pushed for rehabilitation and a cut in recidivism as a solution. 


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