Pastor Kenneth Glasgow talks about recent attack on Robert Earl Council (Kinetik Justice)

     Posted on you tube Pastor Kenneth Glasgow talks with an AVA reporter about the recent act of violence taken against Robert Earl Council at Limestone Correctional Facility in Alabama.

       Glasgow spoke with the AVA reporter via Skype, And reported that Robert Earl Council was actually beaten while handcuffed and on his way to the shower. Glasgow stated that Council head injuries on his face and wrist from the assault . Glasgow also stated that Council thrown to the ground by two officers , while he was struck and sprayed with mace . The officers were reported to have also drug Council into a closet in order to keep cameras and witnesses from seeing the assault .

       Robert Earl Council is a cofounder of the Free Alabama movement. James Pleasant who is also a cofounder is house at Limestone correctional facility along with Robert Earl Council. they both were removed from other prisons in attempt to disable the free Alabama movement . Since their arrival at limestone both of these men have voice a fear for their life, and reported physical assault as well as other constitutional violation incidents , such as denial  of mail, medical , phone calls , and access to attorneys .

        At this time Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, and prison activist Swift Justice founder of Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. have petitioned and rally people around having Department of Corrections in Alabama government to remove not only Robert Earl Council but James Pleasant from harms way of Limestone Correctional Facility.

      Multiple journalists and reporter’s have attempted to contact Alabama Department of Corrections in relations to reported incidents . But spokesperson Bob Horton has refused to be to coperative  and give any information in the wellbeing and condition of Robert Earl Council.

With this fact we can only assume that the leadership of the Alabama Department of Corrections is covering up and keeping information from the public because they themselves are aware of what has happened at Limestone Correctional facility.

     Unheard Voices O.T.C.J./FAM


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