Officers fighting inside Alabama’s prisons.

                                                                              It was reported today that on December 17,2016 ,two officers at Elmore Correctional Facility were involved in a physical altercation between one another. 

       The two officers involved were reported to be Officer Wynn, and Officer Buck, employees on third shift at Elmore Correctional Facility in Elmore county Alabama, under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Tipton . It was said that Officer Wynn reportedly struck Officer Buck, then used a chemical agent (mace) to continue his assault. It is not known if these officers were reprimanded but according to regulations for the Alabama Department of Corrections these officers should receive disciplinary action and possible termination from the Alabama Department of Corrections.

      However  if things are still the same within the Department of Corrections it is safe to say that these actions will go ignored . It will be interesting to see if these officers are reported and receive disciplinary actions for their unprofessional actions and conduct by their supervisors . At this point it would be reasonable to question the Department of Corrections on this incident and their ability to oversee such a grave responsibility. Thus inquiries should be made to the Alabama Department of Corrections commissioners office as well as Joseph Headley at Elmore correctional facility. 

         And if the Alabama Department of Corrections employees act in such a manner as to fight one another on their jobs , and if the supervisors of  ADOC failed to reprimand or report said incident it gives credit to the claims that much more happens behind those walls that go unreported .


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