Robert Earl Council’s (Kinetik Justice), life threatened at Limestone Correctional Facility,without raising concern in Montgomery.

     Today Robert Earl Council has continued to voice a real fear for his safety and life while being housed at Limestone Correctional Facility in Alabama.

   Just a few weeks ago Robert Earl was reported to be assaulted by two officers,while being escorted to the shower . It was reported that these two officers beat and sprayed Council with a chemical agent while handcuffed. Council also reported to outside support prison activist group know as the Queen Team that the Limestone Correctional Facility administration failed to decontaminate him after being assaulted with the chemical agent and refused medical treatment. Limestone personnel also placed Council in a dry cell for a duration of five days in order to allow him to heal from the injuries sustained in this assault.


     Robert Earl Council has become a well known name in the movement across Alabama and the nation against mass incarceration and modern day prison slavery. Council has helped organize a new form of Nonviolent protest in order to have his and all incarcerated voices heard. 

      Along with Council, Melvin Ray, and James Pleasant ,all co-founded the Free Alabama Movement and stared educating the men inside the concrete jungles  of the long ignored obvious injustices and oppressions created by our justice system.

 Council, Ray, and Pleasant taught the men in these violent environments a better and more productive way to protest their complaints outside of the normal and expected violence. They targeted the almighty dollar the state gained by free labor from the inmates in over crowded prisons. And instead of bringing violence they brought silence and refused to work for the slave master.

     This in turn called for the Department of Corrections to place Council, Ray, and Pleasant in solitary confinement as political prisoners.

     Now that this move by the Department of Corrections has failed to silence the Free Alabama Movement , and other prison activist groups the Department of Corrections has become desperate to retaliate against Council, and other members of the Free Alabama Movement.

    Council, and Pleasant are housed at Limestone where their lives are in grave danger due to Limestone‘s ability to shut off all communication from the Free world and family of these men. Ray is also housed in constant danger at St.Clair Correctional Facility. All three men are subject to acts of violence and retaliation each day that goes by.

   Robert Earl Council has been assaulted and no investigation has occurred from any agency including the Department of Justice. It is time we stand and protect these men who have only spoke truth. These men have done no harm other than educate the oppressed. How long shall we stand by and allow the risk to grow. Shall we decide to move when another man losses his life?


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