Violence continues inside Alabama’s correctional facility for the holidays.

Dec.24,2016 inmate Kenneth Traywick was stabbed multiple times at Elmore Correctional Facility.

Traywick being an individual whom the Elmore Correctional Facility administration had become dependent on helping keep down violence inside the already violent institution was stabbed while trying to squash a situation between other inmates, states an eye witness. Late yesterday an altercation nearly erupted inside of one of Elmore’s dorm with another inmate. This inmate was observed by the shift commander on the institutional security camera . This inmate was taken to the supervisor then sent back to the dorm without any form of intervention amongst numerous inmates that had assaulted this inmate. Traywick had stopped the assault and calmed the situation. Later one of the inmates involved in assaulting this inmate stabbed Traywick for intervening and stopping the inmate from being assaulted further.

Traywick was stabbed five times while intervening defending himself from said inmate. Traywick was taken to Jackson hospital where he was treated and released. 

It was learned through a reliable source that the supervisor at Elmore Correctional Facility told inmates that Traywick would probably be removed from Elmore because he has “to much influence”. Traywick‘s influence is reported to have been  nothing more than a positive manner,keeping the violence down because administration at Elmore failed to do so. It has been reported that since Traywick’s arrival at Elmore violence inside his dorm had dipped in incidents due to his influence.

But from the ADOC’S past in removing other positive influential inmates from prisons like Holman, St.Clair, and Donaldson when these inmates presence keeps down violence we expect that Traywick is removed from Elmore.

With that said it’s safe to assume ADOC is intentionally attempting to create violent and hostile environments.


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