Alabama’s Department of Corrections Officials intentionally ignore the product warnings that are specific in causing cancer, and “force” inmates to use said product without knowledge.

(The picture above depicts the armband on an inmates left arm that is mandatory for inmates to wear.)

     Recently inmates within the Alabama Department of Corrections have came across the box that contains the armbands that are placed on each inmates arm when they are placed in an institution. These armbands are used to identify which housing area the inmate is assigned. The officials have made the armbands mandatory that each inmate wears the appropriate colored band in order to keep up with each inmate that is assigned to certain dorms. In essence the inmate has little choice but to comply with the Alabama Department of Corrections mandatory rule and where these armbands , or be reprimanded by the ADOC officials which will calls the inmate to be denied parole , early release , or placed in segregation for refusal to follow a direct order .

     Until now ,the inmates of the Alabama Department of Corrections has had no knowledge that the materials placed on their arms came with a warning that it caused cancer , birth defects , and other medical issues . However, it is obvious from  the warning label on the box these armbands are packaged in, that Alabama Department of Corrections has been well aware of the health warnings and refused to acknowledge these warnings and allow the inmates to know of the risk .

     This has brought home a great concern with the inmates across Alabama . Not only should it concern the inmates , but it should also concerned the citizens of Alabama . For the past few years the Alabama Department of Corrections have been being exposed to many corrupt ways and policies,as well as the intentional undermining of running a safe and healthy system . The Alabama Department of Corrections officials have been exposed in many more ways than this , but this in itself shows a great deliberate indifference in the safety of the inmate . This in itself should rise the question on why the Alabama Department of Corrections is continued to be allowed to be ran by individuals who have no concern for the men and women inside our facilities, then cutting corners at the risk of the individuals housed in our facilities in order to save money.

     At this time we ask all those with loved ones within Alabama’s prison system to give warning to those inside of the risk placed upon them. We ask they come together on the inside and stand in solidarity, and protect themselves from an entity that seems to be attempting genocide . 


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