Alabama Department of Corrections target an inmate without reason in attempt to retaliate against outside prison activist.

       Today through a conference call with Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. Co-founder Nyesha M.Jones and other board members ,it was made known that the Alabama Department of Corrections has targeted inmates and making allegations that these inmates are on social media referring to themselves as “Swift Justice”. It was confirmed that at least one inmate has been issued disciplinary action for these allegations. During this conference call Ms.Jones stated,”I’m taking this personal. I know the inmate personally, and they’ve targeted him because I have direct ties with him, and because of the work we’re doing.” The conversation went on without Ms.Jones giving the name of the inmate being targeted. 

    However, it was established that the Alabama Department of Corrections learned of “Swift Justice”, and the messages from individuals claiming to be in prison via Facebook which is run by the Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. nonprofit organization (Jones Nyesha Unheard Voices). This video was posted on the organization’s Facebook page January 3,2017, and has received a great number of views and notice. 

      But after reviewing the video I seen a man dressed in all white covering his face, head, and body. The videos message was calling for unity among prisoners and society against the injustices within the prison systems. The message in no way referred to violence or any form of chaos. But more noticeably was taking in consideration that the Alabama Department of Corrections had allegedly solved who this guy was,which unless the man being held accountable admitted to being Swift Justice, is nearly impossible. I say this because I myself viewed the video. Upon viewing said video I noticed numerous problems in determining any factors. Matter of fact upon closer review I started wondering if maybe this video was staged somewhere other than a prison.

    If you listen to the video you will notice the individual in the video speaking is completely covered. It’s impossible to identify any person under this circumstance. Then if you notice a drop cloth in the back ground of some sort (possibly a white sheet) , but there’s no evidence of a prison setting. Moreover I’ve watched multiple prison videos and every video had the normal loud prison atmosphere in the sound background. But notably this video had none. 

    I contacted Ms. Jones again and questioned the authenticity of the video and if it was actually videoed in prison. Ms.Jones replied “We should ask the Alabama Department of Corrections administration that same question, don’t you think? I believe my point is clear at how the Alabama Department of Corrections has an extensive history in retaliating against inmates in prison without any reason at all. And society wonders why these men are asking for justice, and change? ADOC has taken disciplinary action on a man without out a shred of evidence to support their allegations against him. And families wonder why their loved ones aren’t being paroled or released on time? This is a mockery at it’s finest. But we will move forward in ensuring this individual is cleared, and if that fails we’ll see that legal actions are taken against each individual that has a hand in it. 

     “You see that’s why I became the voice for these men and women. My intentions are to show and expose these injustices that society has ignored for way to long. Luckily they’re falling right into our hands with this. I’ll keep you informed on how it plays out,I promise.”

      My confusion in this is how the ADOC has time to surf Facebook but don’t have the man power to prevent the high number of suicides, murders, and assaults in their prisons.


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