Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. supporters tape their mouths shut in support of inmates across the nation, standing in solidarity.

    Unheard Voices O.T.C.J.,a nonprofit organization that started in Alabama, with close ties to The Free Alabama Movement (FAM), has continuously moved to expose the injustices behind our prison walls.

     The anonymous “Swift Justice” has vigorously supported Robert Earl Council, and other co-founders of FAM.Now more and more individuals across the country have come together to support Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. In supporting the Free Alabama Movement against mass incarceration ,  slave labor , and the 8th amendment conditional injustices that plague our penal system and justice system.

   Supporters have now became creative in showing their support such as the picture depicted above. These actions of creativity speaks volumes in the movement. Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. Nyesha Jones stated, “We welcome the support in any form, and give our gratitude. If you feel up to the challenge of creativity in supporting us we challenge you to post it on our Facebook page. Go to “Jones Nyesha (unheard voices) and share.” 


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