It was reported that around 11 a.m.this morning that another stabbing occurred at Elmore Correctional Facility, causing serious injuries to Antonio Goodwin.

    Goodwin, is reported to have multiple injuries, and in serious condition. Witness around Elmore prison stated they seen the the med E Vac helicopter leaving the prison grounds.

   ADOC had yet to make a comment about the incident at this time.

     However, it has been reported that former football player Antonio Goodwin is due to be released in the near future, finishing a 15 year sentence. It was also reported that Goodwin and another inmate at Elmore had an altercation earlier this week and Goodwin attempted to get moved to another dormitory to avoid more conflict, but was denied by Elmore administration. This practice has been reported in numerous situations in the past that resulted in fatalities in ADOC.


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