Applauding the Millions for Prisoners campaign.

   I find it a necessity that we take the time to recognize the dedication, and hard work of the many individuals that have called forth a stand for solitary among the oppressed,(oppressed being you, me, and those currently in prison).

    Over the past few years Krystal Roundtree ,and other members of Millions for Prisoners has made it their business to bring together many grassroots organizations to stand against modern-day slavery . After the release of the documentary the 13th many have taking a different view of what the prisons and judicial system have to offer. Krystal Roundtree as well as others and her crew associated with the Millions from Prisoners have made a platform for the federal government to take notice that modern-day slavery still exist and was never abolished . I think it appropriate to thank each and every individual that has made this possible.

    At this time Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. ask that each and every soldier suit up and boot up and join this historical event. Also take the time out to thank Krystal Roundtree and her crew.

   Millions for Prisoners and crew THANK YOU!


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