Another violent stabbing at Elmore Correctional Facility.

 Another violent stabbing has occurred at Elmore correctional facility in Elmore Alabama , following the media visit in a neighboring prison at Draper correction facility yesterday . It was reported today that an inmate at Elmore correctional facility was stabbed suffering serous injuries, while stand right outside the shift commanding officers of this facility.

   Elmore to this date has an extensive violent background at this institution, and things seem to be the same as it has been in the past few years, where numerous Inmates have been murdered .

   Today in Montgomery,Alabama legislator meet in order to come up with a decision on Governor Bentley’s prison construction bill. This bill allegedly offers the tax payers of Alabama a solution to the extensive issues that haunt Alabama’s prisons. Governor Robert Bentley,Senator Cam Ward,Commissioner Jeffrey Dunn and other supporters of this bill, would like for the tax payer to believe that the building of new prisons would give solution to the problems such as overcrowding , higher rates of violence, sexual abuse, and prevention of recidivism in Alabama prisons.

    I’m sure today’s incident at Elmore correctional facility will be explained by the Alabama Department of Corrections spokesperson as A need for more correctional officers . Although we agree and concede to the fact that the Alabama Department corrections is understaffed it was learned that today not even the shift commanders manned their post at the facility. It was reported that the shift commanders were all inside of the chapel area instead of the office where the attack took place . To us it seems like there is an issue in leadership within the Alabama Department of Corrections.

    If these reports have any truth to them ,which we believe they do, this shows a pattern of the inability in leadership and administration within the Alabama Department of corrections . The question I have is how many men and women throughout the Alabama Department of Corrections have been brutally attacked and lives lost due to the lack of ability to lead the employees of our prison system .

    I Think it’s time we look way deeper into the situation as taxpayers . At this time no other information on the inmate that was assaulted at Elmore Correctional Facility or the inmate who may have committed this assault is available .


8 thoughts on “Another violent stabbing at Elmore Correctional Facility.

  1. Deon Taylor says:

    Poorly written article. This makes your organization look terribly uneducated and discrediting. Please have someone proofread before posting. It appears that most of this information came from an inmate(s), which is an unverified source. This is an example of “fake news”.


    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      Deon Taylor the fact of the matter has nothing to do with you senseless comment about proper grammar and who’s wrote what the fact of the matter is that my brother David Wayne Sanders was being killed at Elmore Correctionalwhile these correction officers walked around with the thumb up there ass there head turned turn the other way.. so you keep your little bullshit comments to yourself cuz we talking real life shit on this damn thing. I love my brother with everything and I’m going to get to the bottom of who killed him and why he died and who’s negligent and who’s not .I had to called Elmore myself after an inmate called somebody to alert me what had happened to my brother so you take your false reporting Theory some damn where else cuz we stating facts over here and the fact of the matter is my brother and other inmates are going and I ain’t never coming back and you busy trying to make it seem like nobody knows what the hell they’re talking about well brother I know exactly what I’m talking about and that’s from somebody who’s not in inmate.


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