Alabama’s prisons flow with needless deaths yet again. We have one of the reasons why.

ELMORE — Alabama prison officials are investing the beating death of an inmate who was attacked by other prisoners Thursday — the second deadly attack on a state prisoner within 24 hours.

David Sanders found unresponsive at Elmore Correctional Facility.

In the most recent case, David Sanders, 41, was found badly beaten and unresponsive in a dorm of the Elmore Correctional Facility on Thursday, February 16,2017, the Alabama Department of Corrections said.

Sanders was flown to a Montgomery hospital, where he died of his injuries Saturday.

Four inmates are suspected in the death, authorities said. Those inmates have been moved from the Elmore Correctional Facility to a maximum security prison, authorities said.

In a separate case, authorities say 35-year-old Grant Mickens on Thursday , February 16,2017,died shortly after he was found with multiple stab wounds in the prison yard of Staton Correctional Facility. A 31-year-old inmate was named as a suspect in that killing. A makeshift knife was recovered in that case, authorities said.

Alabama prisons have seen an increase in violence among inmates in the last recorded year, according to corrections department statistics.

There were 2,111 violent inmate-on-inmate incidents in fiscal year 2016, an 18 percent increase from the previous year. Confrontations that resulted in serious inmate injuries have also jumped about 65 percent during the same period.

 Now with all this being said, take note that this is the fourth alleged murder at Elmore Correctional Facility in the past 24 months. Meaning the warden at this facility, Joseph Headly is averaging one murder every six months. These statistics are staggering.

  Last year in October ,we recall the announcement from the Department of Justice launching an investigation in relations to Constitutional violations within Alabama’s prisons. One of theDepartment of Justice’s concerns was the conditions of these prisons (meaning violence).

 However, there has been no sign the Department of Justice is conducting an investigation at all.

  We however, have been conducting our own investigation, and uncovered multiple incriminating facts that have lead to the needless deaths at what is called “Hellmore” , the now notorious medium security prison Elmore Correctional Facility.

   We started receiving information last year after Devon Williams was stabbed to death at Elmore Correctional Facility, that Elmore has a common practice of no officers manning the dormitories.

      Williams died in August,2016

     Recently we learned through a separate source working at the facility Sanders was found unresponsive and allegedly beat to death by four other inmates, that “no officer” was in the dormitory. We also learned that the report initially given to the main stream media that ” correctional officials” found Sanders was, fabricated, and that inmates attempted to find the dorm officer for a long period of time without success after taking his body to the front of the dorm, attempting to get him medical attention.

   These claims that officers commonly abandoned their post were at one time hard to believe, until  video started being leaked showing no officers in the dorms and, the officers assigned to the dormitories gathered outside away from their assigned post for a long period of time leaving the inmates in the dormitories unsupervised.

(Pictures above depicts eight officers gathered outside Elmore Correctional Facility’s dormitories, guarding nothing, while inmates inside fend for themselves. These pics were screenshot from videos.)

    Shall we continue wondering why Elmore Correctional Facility is becoming known as Alabama’s most dangerous prison? 


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