ALERT!! Another report that an inmate at Elmore Correctional Facility has been killed!

   We are receiving word from sources saying another inmate has been killed at Elmore Correctional Facility, in Elmore Alabama today around 2pm.

     We do know that Elmore Correctional Facility has been placed on lockdown status and all prison ministry volunteers were escorted out the facility following a Med-evac helicopter landing in the area. The Alabama Department of Corrections has yet to confirm what has occurred.

     If these allegations that another man has been killed in this medium security prison, are true, this will be the fourth alleged murder in less than a year. It will be the second in less than ten days. Recently Unheard Voices OTCJ founder “Swift Justice” asked,”How many more bodies are needed for the Department of Justice to do what they said they were going to do”?

      Thus far no effort on the Department of Justice to investigate as they announced in October last year has been noted. 

    We will update you as we get more information. Please inquire on this incident with the ADOC staff at Elmore Correctional Facility.


10 thoughts on “ALERT!! Another report that an inmate at Elmore Correctional Facility has been killed!

  1. Jamie Sanders says:

    My brother David Wayne Sanders Jr. was murdered at Elmore on the 17 th of Feb. 2017 by at least 4 other inmates and this could have been prevented had these prison guards been doing their jobs and been on their posts then the first few times that my brother David was having trouble with these mf s they should have moved him and prevented this murder and i believe that the guards and the warden have just as much blood on their hands as the peices of trash that done this. Just know this i will find out what really happened to David and make sure that each and every one of these people pay for the way that they have done to my brother.

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  2. Angie Davis says:

    My son was in the hospital back in 2010 from an injury that almost cost his life. He was at Elmore Prison. Are they not doing shakedowns like they should be? In prison someone sees everything. These guards need to do their jobs and stop looking for ways to make money from the inmates families. Stop bringing in drugs and cellphones selling at $200 a cellphone. What y’all don’t know sometimes these families still have the info you gave them to send the cash. I pray you find out what happened and push it til the end. Always here to help. Mother of two Alabama inmates

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    1. unheardvoicesotcj says:

      This is the thing Ms. Davis (although I wasn’t going to touch on this yet), We have to look at this from different perspectives….bare with me a moment, ok? Ask why these officers do what they do? Many ppl blame the officers for drugs and cell phones…”if” the officers are doing this, why?
      Let’s talk about that. What does a CO make annually? Approx. $28,000. Then they’re not getting raises for the work they do do. Why not? Your paper pushers in Montgomery have your wardens write these CO1’S disciplinaries for foolish reasons. What happens then? They lose the ability to receive a raise in pay. This in turn discourages the officers from conducting their jobs. Thus it also brings in temptation for easier money.
      Now that’s one perspective. Here’s another is today the only way of getting contraband? No!
      Mind you we (civilians, family, and friends), are also to blame. Why? Because we sit idle and allow these injustices to take place.

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