Alabama’s judicial system has created monstrous justice for victims.

“Corrections identified two suspects Monday charged in the stabbing death of a fellow state inmate at Elmore Correctional Facility.

Inmates David Menuel Carter, 37, and Corey Mirell Hughes, 21, have been detained after ADOC officials say they fatally stabbed Demarko Quinta Carlisle, 36, on Sunday. The stabbing happened during an altercation in one of the facility dorms.

Prison officials said Carlisle was stabbed multiple times during the attack and died as a result of the injuries.

Carter is serving a 30-year sentence on a 2011 murder conviction. Hughes is serving a 25-year sentence for a 2013 murder conviction. Both were convicted and sentenced in Montgomery County. A motive for the stabbing was unknown.

Carlisle was serving a life sentence after a 1999 murder and first-degree robbery conviction in Jefferson County.

It’s been a particularly violent month for ADOC’s Elmore County prison facilities. This is the second fatal stabbing at Elmore Correctional Facility since Feb. 16. A third, unrelated inmate fatality happened at Staton Correctional Facility, also on Feb. 16.   

Grant Mickens, 35, died when he was fatally stabbed. ADOC says the suspect in that death is Demetric Horsley, 31, who was charged with capital murder in Mickens’ death.

David Sanders was the victim of a fatal attack at Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore. He died at a Montgomery hospital two days later. A total of four inmates have been detained as suspects in his death.    

The recent incidents at the Elmore and Staton Correctional Facilities are unrelated, according to prison officials.

The Elmore Correctional Facility remained locked down Monday while ADOC continued its investigation into the stabbings.”

Reported by WSFA 

But today a disturbing article was written and published by quoting the victim’s family member in relations to the most recent murder at Elmore Correctional Facility yesterday.

“I woke up this morning the victor of this war we have been fighting the last 20 years. There is nothing left to fight,” Jewell wrote. “We have done everything we can for her. We made sure a monster wasn’t released back onto the streets to hurt another innocent person.”

“Jewell said she was always confident that Carlisle, should he get out of prison, would hurt someone else. “I am not sorry he’s dead,” she wrote. “I am relieved in a way that I have never experienced before and I’m looking forward to getting to live a life where there is no war to fight.”

“I hope he was saved, but I am not sad he is gone. I do not feel sorry for him at all, in fact, it only seems fair that he didn’t get to live and die peacefully of old age,” Jewell continued. “I only feel sorry for his family because regardless of the monster he was, they loved him and today, they are in pain. I want to thank every person that has helped us keep him in prison, every person that signed the petitions, every person that wrote letters, every person who remembered who my Grammie was and talked about how she impacted their lives. Our fight is over.””

   Jewell being the victims granddaughter has praised the murder of DeMarko Carlisle. Sadly the mass part of our society will echo the praise and proclaim victory that another “monster” is gone. 

    This form of Justice is ridiculous and absurd to even fathom. Individuals today such as Jo Ann Watkins Busby’s granddaughter make mention of “saved”, “salvation”, or “Christianity”, but yet give praise to the corruption of our judicial and penal system.

This way of thinking has to be stopped. Although we at UNHEARD VOICES OTCJ, feel for the family that lost Jo Ann Watkins Busby, we can’t agree that it’s ok to think it’s Justice that Carlisle fell victim while in the custody of an agency that has sworn to protect the public, and those they have custody over. If we condoned such a way of thinking we would be condoning the actions of De Marco Carlisle in the murder of Miss Jo Ann Watkins Busby. And I would be saying I value one form of murder over the other, which is hypocrisy.

On the other hand if we as a society deem it a victory in this case, we as society must welcome the man who allegedly killed De Marko Carlisle at Elmore Correctional Facility yesterday, back to our society even into our homes. This makes me ask the Busby family if they will sit idle as the judicial system attempts to hand out the death penalty, or a life without parole sentence to the alleged attacker of De Marko Carlisle?

We must stop thinking these men and women are worthy of this kind of treatment!


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