Elmore Correctional Facility has earned its name “Hell-more”

    One cool afternoon in February of 2015, at Elmore Correctional Facility, in the middle of the recreation yard, stands a group of Alabama inmates on the basketball court, dribbling a ball, picking teams. As the ball sounds off while connecting to the black, asphalt,” phlap,phlap, phlap “, and names are called as they are picked to play on the teams ,ready to prove who is the yards Kobe Bryant you would of heard a commotion in front of the dormitories that house 196 inmates. That commotion quickly turning from an argument to an all out fight for William Shepeard’s life. A fight that this 33 year old sadly lost.

    On this cool afternoon, as William Shepeard lay in his own blood upon a rough and rocky, black asphalt breathing his last breath, little did the Warden ,(Joseph Headly), know that his new position would be one that marked him as the ” Grim Reaper”of ADOC.

     Following the death of Shepeard, Elmore Correctional Facility quickly gained the reputation of “baby Holman” compared to Alabama’s maximum-security prison Holman (the slaughter house) , located in Atmore Alabama, due to the frequent stabbings taking place in the compound.

      Warden Joseph Headley, was very aware of the high rate of violence in his prison during this time, but was known to turn a blind eye and allow these acts of violence to occur. Some officers, that no longer work at Elmore, have stated that Warden Headley had a policy in sending inmates not only back into the prison population, but the same dormitories, after altercations and even after being stabbed, with the inmate that had attacked the other.

    Approximately one year later in March of 2016, in one of Elmore’s dormitories inmates gathered in front of a television watching a program. Suddenly two inmates become combative, one wielding a makeshift knife, the other fighting back with only his hands. After a few minutes of combat , the inmate without a weapon, crawls towards the officer cubical, leaving a trail of his blood, and attempting to find help. But no officer is to be found in time enough to save the life of 31st year old Johnny Spears.

      Six-month later in the same dormitory,a fight occurs early one morning. An officer intervenes and separates the two inmates, and escorts these men to the shift supervisor. Shortly after the two inmates return to the dormitory. 

      Hours later one of the inmates involved in the earlier altercation makes a decision to finish the previous fight. He takes a makeshift knife and attacks 24th year old Davieon Williams, who was now sleeping, and stabs him multiple times ,ending his life just months before he was due to return home.

   Again, Davieon Williams attempted to find refuge and help as he ran looking for an officer that was not in the dormitory. 
        Then on a laid back cool day in February of 2017, officers at Elmore Correctional Facility, allegedly find the body of 41 year old David Sanders, who is unresponsive but breathing. Sanders was taken approximately 1/8 of a mile to Staton Health Care, where he was flown to a local hospital, and later died. Alabama Department of Corrections spokes person Bob Horton later released that Sanders was allegedly beaten by four other inmates. 


       However reports from confidential sources that work at Elmore Correctional Facility state that no officers were inside the dormitory when Sanders was allegedly attacked, and other inmates brought to the attention of an ADOC official that Sanders was in need of medical attention.

      Next approximately ten days after Sanders unexplained death by beating of four other inmates, an altercation occurs yet again in one of “Hell-more’s”dormitories. Officers gathered outside on the asphalt basketball court respond to a medical call where an inmate was bleeding from multiple stab wombs.

     De Marko Carlisle was flown to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

      In the story above I have painted the picture of a medium security prison that has earned its notorious name “Hell-more”. This may sound like a script straight out of Hollywood’s hottest prison movies, but it’s a reality for the men confined behind these walls. Men that made choices that were rewarded by being removed from society to be rehabilitated. Instead of rehabilitation, and education they learn only how to survive the grasp of the ” Grim Reaper “.

          “HOW MANY MORE BODIES DO                                    YOU NEED”


7 thoughts on “Elmore Correctional Facility has earned its name “Hell-more”

  1. Nate says:

    When will our society begin to understand that it is in our best interest as a nation to actually attempt to rehabilitate these men? Throw a bad dog in a large cage with other bad dogs. Without a trainer that is seriously committed to showing this dog the right way to behave through love, once released he will be no different, if not worse than when he first entered the pen. It’s in our best interests to help these men, not just ours. Put aside empathy if you wish. Be cold hearted and say “these men are getting what they deserve “(News Flash: If you feel that way, your moral compass is no better than the convict). What you can’t ignore is these men WILL be released one day, if they don’t wind up dead like the men mentioned above. When they get out and go back to the same ways that place them in prison, do you want to be the next victim? True rehabilitation, that is the answer. Mass warehousing of men who have no incentive to live better lives, that is the problem. Stop locking men up for drug offenses. Offer real programs that will teach these men how to become productive members of society. Model our prison system after the Nordic nations, who are seeing their crime rates decline and their prisons getting more and more empty. Those are the answers. And what can you do as an individual? Contact your state senators and representatives and demand they support real prison reform like I mentioned above, and not to build super prisons like what governor Bentley has proposed in Alabama. Demand the prison population be reduced. Please don’t sit idly by while these men suffering and while you’re Society suffers by continuing a revolving door of hopeless convicts. And support organizations like Unheard Voices. You don’t have to do much. A ten minute phone call to a few of your representives and a small donation to these groups; is that asking too much?

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  2. Cheryl Allen says:

    These men are paying their dues to Society. They shouldn’t have to fight daily for their very lives. The warden needs to be fired and held accountable by the governor of Alabama. By his turning a blind eye, he is in fact committing murder.
    As the sister of a Michigan inmate that died while incarcerated I feel for the family’s of these inmates. Waiting years for them to come home and it never happens… Because some lazy POS doesn’t want to do his job!

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    1. unheardvoicesotcj says:

      Sadly what you say is very true. But the facts that still remain is the governor his just as guilty of believe in a deliberate indifference magnitude. Why? Because when you get down to it the violence occurs because the Governor, ADOC Commissioner, and state presenters have different genders than actually educating and rehabilitating and keep them safe the men and women incarcerated. No violence would hinder the plans and agendas to get new prisons, which lines the pockets of certain individuals with tax payers dollars. It’s a trickle effect. Believe me and make no mistake when I say the Governor is aware of what happens and why it happens. He has turned a blind eye as well.


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