Violence erupting all over Alabama’s prisons.

(Bibb Correctional Facility, in Brent Alabama)

      As the summer moves in across Alabama’s prisons the tension between men incarcerated in Alabama rises, creating a much worse hostile environment.

       Recently,  Alabama has seen multiple deaths at facilities such as Elmore Correctional Facility, Bullock Correctional Facility, and most recently Bibb Correctional Facility.



Change RegionREAL-TIME NEWS FROM BIRMINGHAM1 inmate dead, 1 wounded 


Jamie Marcus Witherspoon, left, Justin Sanders, right (ADOC)

“A state inmate was stabbed to death Monday inside a west Alabama prison.

Alabama Department of Corrections officials identified the slain prisoner as Jamie Marcus Witherspoon. He was 34.

The stabbing happened during an altercation that happened about 11 a.m. at Bibb Correctional Facility in Brent, said ADOC spokesman Bob Horton. Witherspoon was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 11:47 a.m.  

A second inmate who was also stabbed in the incident, but he was treated at the facility’s infirmary. His name is not being released, Horton said, as a security measure.  

Justin Sanders, 28, is a suspect in the double stabbing and faces murder and attempted murder charges. Prison officials said Sanders used a makeshift weapon in the stabbings during an altercation in one of the facility dorms.   No other inmates were involved and the reason for the altercation is not known at this time.  “

       Then yesterday at Elmore Correctional Facility it was reported that multiple inmates were stabbed.One inmate reported to have been flown by way of helicopter to a nearby hospital in Montgomery Alabama. Confidential sources also report that the name of said inmate is Charles Burrows. However ADOC officials have yet to confirm these reports.

      Also at Bibb on June 29th,2017, inmate Eric Herron was stabbed suffering a punctured lung. Bibb Correctional Facility administration at this time has failed to report this incident to investigators of ADOC (I&I division). 

     It looks to be a long summer for the men in Alabama’s prisons. If you receive information in relations to any facility in Alabama please notify us at



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