ADOC Retaliates Against Hunger Striker at Limestone Correctional Facility

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Unheard Voices O.T.C.J.

Nikki Davenport
FAM Queen Team

Mei Azaad


Following recent exposure of corruption and abuse in Alabama prisons, the Alabama Department of Corrections is retaliating against hunger striker Kenneth Traywick.  ADOC Commissioner Jeffrey Dunn, and Regional Director Cheryl Price have also lashed out at the non-profit prison advocacy organization Unheard Voices O.T.C.J., as well as inside organizer Robert E. Council.   

Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. was originally founded by Nyesha M. Jones of Longview Texas and Aaron Traywick (deceased) of Washington, D.C.  Since then, the organization has become a platform in which many on the inside of America’s prisons are able to let their voices be heard. Fortunately, many in Alabama have shed the light on ADOC’s corrupt ways, which are now under federal investigation. Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. has played a huge part in giving the Department of Justice the evidence they needed to determine that the men in Alabama are in fact living in unconstitutional living environments and conditions.

In an attempt to discourage Unheard Voices O.T.C.J., ADOC spokesperson Bob Horton contacted Donna Smalley, questioning her involvement as a voice for men in prison. Shortly after that on 3-26-19 confined citizen Kenneth S. Traywick was taken from Staton Correctional Facility and sent to Limestone Correctional Facility where Captains Robinson and Langford informed him that he was placed at Limestone because of his connections with Unheard Voices O.T.C.J., according to Jeffrey Dunn and Cheryl Price. Traywick’s transfer to Limestone CF violated his due process rights as well as ADOC’s own regulation, which states that prisoners are entitled to a re-classification hearing before being transferred to a higher security camp.

Once at Limestone, Traywick did in fact team up with other confined citizens to inform others at Limestone of their right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.  In response to that, Captain Langford informed Robert E. Council that Warden Estes and Warden Patrick ordered him and Traywick not to post flyers around the prison. (See photographed copy of flyers below.)

On 4-11-19 Traywick was placed in solitary confinement allegedly under investigation for “conspiracy to violate an institutional rule”.  At this time Traywick and his family are still unaware of what rule or who he is allegedly conspiring with.

Upon being place in solitary confinement for such bogus reasons Traywick went on a hunger strike on 4-11-19 and remains on said strike until a set of 5 demands is met, including the demand that he no longer be threatened by ADOC and that he be transferred from Limestone Correctional Facility.  (Link to most recent release:

Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. declares that ADOC has connected Kenneth Traywick with the founders Nyesha Jones, due to past relationship, and Aaron Traywick, who was Kenneth Traywick’s brother.  However, Kenneth Traywick has never participated in or with Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. to the extent of breaking any laws or ADOC rules. ADOC is retaliating against Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. through Kenneth Traywick in order to silence the outside group. Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. refuses to pull back from their mission to expose agencies like ADOC and Kenneth Traywick has asked that we continue to expose, and we do so by letting the press and public know what ADOC is doing at this time.

Below: Copies of the flyers that were posted at Limestone Correctional Facility encouraging the confined citizens there to come forward with their stories.  The flyers insist that with the current national media attention on ADOC, now is the time to expose Limestone for its dehumanizing conditions and unconstitutional practices.

flyer 1

flyer 2


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