Hunger Striker Kenneth Traywick Issues Demands as ADOC Force Feeds via IV

For Immediate Release

Last Updated April 22nd, 2019

Our friend Kenneth Traywick (#177252) has been admitted into the infirmary at Limestone CF due to his hunger strike, now in its 12th day.

On April 11, 2019, Traywick was placed in solitary confinement allegedly under investigation for “conspiracy to violate” an institutional rule. Recognizing his placement in lock-up was over bogus reasons, Traywick began a hunger strike.

On April 21st, the Alabama Department of Corrections placed an I.V. in Traywick against his will, to “force feed” him. He has made it clear that he will continue to hunger strike once off of the I.V. His demands are as follows:

  1. ADOC must remove any and all disciplinaries against me (Kenneth Traywick) received from Warden Jimmy Patrick on 4/11/19.
  1. Limestone Correctional Facility must end the unconstitutional use of the bucket detail practice at Limestone with belly chains, shackles, handcuffs, and tape. (See:
  1. Limestone Correctional Facility must end the illegal use of C Dorm, i.e. placing inmates in segregation without any disciplinaries and refusing to give them the 45 minutes of exercise outside the cell.
  1. That I (Kenneth Traywick) be transferred from Limestone Correctional Facility and that the ADOC must stop the retaliatory transfers of me from facility to facility making it impossible for me to participate in educational and rehabilitative programs (I’ve been transferred over 8 times in 2 years).
  1. That ADOC refrain from retaliating against me (Kenneth Traywick) for the actions of the outside organization Unheard Voices O.T.C.J.


On March 26, 2019, Kenneth Traywick was transferred out of general population at a level 4 facility to Limestone Correctional Facility (level 5) –without an infraction or explanation–where he was placed in segregation with no disciplinary for one week.  We know that upon returning to general population as the result of a successful hunger strike, Traywick, alongside other confined citizens, began informing others at Limestone of their rights to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. In response, Captain Langford informed Robert E. Council that Warden DeWayne Estes and Assistant Warden Jimmy Patrick ordered that Council and Traywick stop posting flyers.  (For more context, see:

Press contacts:

Unheard Voices O.T.C.J.

Nikki Davenport
FAM Queen Team

Mei Azaad


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